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Thorndon is an independent consulting firm based in Guernsey specialising in professional and governance risk in the finance industry.

Under our Board Process Support and Director’s Indemnity services we advise and support directors and boards in the understanding, mitigation, and financing of their collective and individual risks, and with the management of adverse events when they occur.  Thorndon aligns itself with the interests of directors specifically and solely.  We do not act as insurance brokers, nor will we advise or represent brokers, insurers, or companies, or any other stakeholders in the governance risk and insurance process other than the directors we work with in relation to governance risk.

We also provide professional indemnity advice and support to finance industry service providers.

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Director's Indemnity

Professional non-executive directors face great responsibilities, risks, and exposures than ever before. To meet these increased challenges, they need better information, advice, and protection to understand their risks, mitigate them effectively, and make informed decisions to protect themselves and their personal assets, income, and reputation.
The Thorndon Director’s Indemnity service is designed to deliver effective risk management to directors of funds and enable them to develop their career with confidence and security.

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Board Process Control

Modern international fund board’s face a wider range of risks than ever before.  Directors need ever better data, advice and support in understanding, managing and financing their governance risks.

The Thorndon Board Process Support service is designed to prepare and equip directors and boards to meet this challenge.

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Loss Management

From time to time even the most expert and conscientious NED may face challenge, accusation, or investigation. When it happens the experience can be challenging and stressful, particularly as is often the case when associated with other problems in the company.
Thorndon’s Loss Management service is designed to provide support across the entire range of activities necessary to respond to any loss event that may arise, respond to it effectively, and support you through the entire process with efficient case management, expert advice on process and access to insurance and indemnity, and fast and cost effective access to expert legal opinion.

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November 5, 2020

Governance Risk

November 5, 2020 in Articles

DO Market Capacity Squeeze

So Axa Exel have withdrawn from the professional risks markets: another major player pulling out of an already distressed market. As we have been saying for some time this market…
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